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GMRS radios are a great way to communicate during a run while enhancing the driving experience.


New radio options for communicating while on club runs. Whether you are upgrading from CB or buying a radio for the first time, here are a couple our recommended options to GMRS radios.

Car to car communication during a run is extremely helpful. For years, CB radios have been used and the CB antenna was easily integrated into the existing radio antennas for NA, NB, and NC models. Integrating the CB antenna into the existing ND antenna has proved to be a very difficult challenge. Add to that that most other active Miata clubs have made the switch to GMRS radios, it makes sense for SoCALM to make the switch also. GMRS radios are plentiful and work better technically and can be operated at higher transmit power levels.

For the radios themselves, there are plenty of choices. The simplest turnkey of the choices is (about $100) Check out the Midland 5 Watt GMRS on Amazon. See the link below.






A handheld solution is (about $50) and includes accessories:



This handheld is being used by the Bluebonnet club The handheld listed above requires programming using CHIRP:
Here is a CSV file of what we have been using to program the BaoFeng Radios for GMRS frequencies.

The GMRS radio technically requires a license from the Federal Communications Commission. There is  no test required to get a license. The license costs $70 for 10 years. In November 2021, the fee is expected to drop to $35 for 10 years.


To begin the licensing process, you will need an FRN (FCC Registration Number)


You can apply for a license online:


Here is a link to other clubs’ discussion of this topic.
Blue Bonnet Miata Club (San Antonio)

Sahuaro Miata Club (Phoenix) discussion from 2016


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