Anderson AM/FM/CB Antenna Splitter/Tuner


If you enjoy driving in a group of or tend to drive long distances you may want to consider investing in a CB radio. One of the best accessories for your car is one of Jeff's Anderson's antenna splitter systems for Miata's. Made just for the year and model of your car. Easy "plug in system" to install.

CB radios are a great tool for communicating while on a run. They have an approximate communication range of 2 miles. You can find several models available from manufacturers such as Cobra. A favorite radio with SOCALM club members is the Cobra 75WXST CB radio. Approx. $84 to $140 as this depends on where you buy it. The Cobra is easy to use and has features that allow it to be hidden from site behind your seat. Remember that you will also need an antenna to complete the package, usually $25 and up. You will find that antennas have a magnetic base that will help it stay on the car at high speeds. The magnetic base may also scratch your paint. You can use your existing antenna by buying an antenna splitter from Jeff Anderson. This product allows you to use your existing car antenna for both your stereo and CB. –Cost $74. This setup keeps the Miata looking sporty and keeps the scratches off your paint caused by the magnetic base. If you’re like me, you may find it hard to hear the hand-set speaker due to the turbulence in the cockpit. You can buy an external speaker to overcome this for about $18.


(USA & Canada, only) (for use only with a factory Mazda Miata antenna) by Jeff Anderson Destin, FL

FA90-1 (1990 and 1991)..... $63.75
FA92-7 (1992 thru 1997).... $63.75
FA99 (1999)......................... $69.75
FA06-0*(2006 thru ----)....... $75.75
    *Requires replacement screw-on antenna mast (not provided) see below.


PA92-5 (1992 thru 1995)..... $73.75
PA96 (1996).......................... $73.75
PA97 (1997)...........................$73.75
PA99-05(1999 thru 2005).... $75.75
(prices are subject to change)

Plus shipping and insurance (payment method, in US funds):

USA -- $6.25 (Check, Postal or Bank Money Order) If in Florida, add 6% Sales Tax to Antenna Splitter cost
Canada -- $9.00 Flat Rate Envelope (USPS mailed, not UPS) cost w/$61.26 indemnity included (payment: Postal Money Order in USD)

Payment (in USD) may alternately be by PayPal (non-credit card). Your PayPal payment transaction must be funded with funds in your PayPal account, or bank account, not by a credit nor debit card.

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CB radios are a great way to communicate during a run while enhancing the driving experience.