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Capistrano Mazda
32852 Valle road.
San Juan Capistrano CA
949.218.2445 (Main)
949.218.2464 (Direct)
Hank Indermuehle- Parts Manager

Call for discount.


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Exciting new developments are coming up during the the month of September as our website is under going a refresh. If you haven't heard our present website provider is transitioning onto a new platform and our existing site will be outdated and no longer available. Because of the upgrade it seemed like an opportunity to make some changes. The new website will provide the same important information as this one but will have a fresh look and some new features. The transition should be seamless although once the new site is deployed you will definitely notice the difference.

Pre-run to May Miata Madness with Bob Davis.

  Somewhere on Hwy 25.

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